Our aim is to make your motorhome holiday a very affordable, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Travel at your own pace and enjoy your holiday with new destinations and beautiful scenery every day, free from stress of finding accommodation or packing and unpacking. Wake up by beautiful beaches and waves and take a swim, or camp by a clear blue mountain stream and go fishing. Cook up a yummy breakfast or go to a seaside cafe! Possibilities are endless.

Contact us anytime; no hidden costs and we are happy to provide a detailed personal quote for you without obligation. We can help you plan you trip, so please ask us if there is anything you are unsure of!

General Information:

  • No smoking indoors / No Pets
  • Conditions Apply


  • 2 double beds
  • Slide Out Dinning/Lounge area / TV / DVD /Stereo
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Sleeping for 4 people
  • Diesel Heater & Air Conditioner